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Scott Gessner


Growing up, I always enjoyed numbers and how they can tell a story of success or failure. This passion and skill lead me into the Accounting and Finance industries. I have worked hard to make a mark in these industries, get promoted, and gain recognition.


In 2018, I decided to start my own path and open Gessner Accounting Solutions part time. As my business has grown, my passion for partnering with and helping my clients build their business has grown.

In September 2020, I made the leap and go full time working on my business and client work. This has allowed me to give my clients even more time and energy being a great business partner as I help them achieve success.

Since going full time, my business and joy for impacting my clients lives has continued to grow. There is nothing else I would rather be doing on a daily basis.


My vision for my clients is communication, building a strong working relationship, and becoming a partner to help guide their business to success.  


We start by preparing the financials accurately and on a timely basis based on what each client needs. We will meet regularly to have an "Interpretation & Advisory Meeting" which will help us understand the financials and what adjustments are needed to hit goals. This allows us to talk through the successes and opportunities of your business, as well as build a strong professional relationship.

Taking this collaborative approach takes the pressure off my clients so they can focus more on running their business & allows us together to achieve long-term success.

My ideal clients are business owners who:

1. Want to grow and invest in their business
2. Want a book
keeper who acts as a partner to their business
3. Are willing to pay a extra for the quality service, communication, and partnership we grow
4. Are goal-oriented


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